Hard 5.6 KN8CW0102

The hard anodized aluminum construction provides safe and clean cookware for any type of cooking.

Price: 6700

Dimensions 207 x 207 x 183 mm (Inner Box)
Weight 1.67 kg
Cooking Pot  Aluminium
Dish/Vessel/Scoop/Basket PP
Kettle Stainless Steel
Frying Pan  Aluminium (Diamond Coating)
Contents Cooking Pot x 3 (2.8L, 1.8L, 1L)
Frying Pan, Dish x 3
Vessel x 5 
Vegetable Basket
Secondary Container
Features Hard Anodized Coating with about 30 micron film using top quality aluminium
Serves 5-6 Persons
2mm Thick Frying Pan with great heat conductivity
Corrosion Resistant
Vessel can be used with Microwave Ovens