N9 Pure Silver treatment for Socks

N9 Pure Silver™ is a non-leaching and strong binding silver-based technology that neutralizes odour-causing bacteria on contact keeping articles fresher for longer. It remains intact on treated textiles and works when it is needed.

How it works?

N9 Pure Silver™ is a pure metallic silver in ultra-pure de-ionized water. The actual silver loading in each gram of N9 Pure Silver™ is incredibly low. However, the configuration of the individual N9 Pure Silver™ particles makes them highly effective at neutralizing bacteria and other microbes even with a low silver loading.

The N9 Pure Silver™ particles work on the bacteria in 3 ways upon contact:

-        Rupture the cell membrane of the bacteria

-        Immobilize the bacteria by depleting oxygen

-        Destroy the reproductive receptors

The Silver Ion generation is very low and occurs only on contact with the bacteria, making it an on demand release.

This breakthrough technology delivers outstanding performance, combined with impeccable environmental credentials. N9 Pure Silver™ is a non-leaching treatment. It remains intact on the treated garment and there is minimal loss of silver in to the environment or onto the skin. This property makes it highly durable with minimal loss during wash cycles

Applied Textiles have been dermatologically tested and are completely safe on skin.

It also a Zero-VOC product and is OEKO-TEX and Standard 100 listed..

N9 Pure Silver™ treated articles will be joining our product line very soon and the first lot of treated socks have been sent out for user testing.